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High quality wood floors for all rooms and styles. Light or dark? Rustic or calm? Wide or narrow planks? Our floor guide will give you the opportunity to test our wood floors. High quality engineered wood floors. In our floor guide we give you the opportunity to try our engineered wood floors in different interiors. Filter different floors and try your way until you find your dream floor.

Wood floors keep your feet cosy and warm on cool days and comfortably cool on warm days, thanks to the natural, cellular structure of wood. In our wood floor guide we give you the opportunity to test our wood floors in a wide variety of interiors. Oak Sture is a true rustic product where the surface is handcrafted and deeply brushed to enhance the beauty and specific characteristics of each and every board. Smoked and stained to give it a muted light warm grey colour with big colour variations. Nature oil finished.

Your home, our planet and the climate would benefit from a Kahrs engineered wood floor. Oak Flooring Direct are approved Kahrs flooring specialists that can guide you through the exciting journey of purchasing a high quality floor from a world leading man. The extensive Kahrs Original Collection includes popular collections like American Naturals, Artisan Oak, Bayside Oak, Craftsman Oak, European Naturals, Founders Oak, Harmony, Scandinavian Naturals, and Vineyard. Look for 1-strip, 2-strip, and 3-strip designs. The Activity Collection is perfect for any gymnasium, athletic court, or dance studio.

Discover the vast range of premium quality, stunningly gorgeous and award-winning kahrs engineered wood flooring. We are proud to offer collections from a company that constantly improves, innovates and enhances engineered wood flooring products, bringing a touch of natural beauty to homes and businesses across the world. Kahrs Floors. Kahrs have been making wood floors for over 150 years. Their Swedish heritage has driven years of innovation and technological advances in the world of engineered wood flooring. 04/07/41 · Kahrs remains committed to creating a hardwood flooring product that performs well in any climate, while not compromising the environment or the air quality of a home or business. With as long a history of innovation and quality as Kahrs has, its no wonder theyre consider the godfathers of engineered hardwood. One Stop Flooring are official UK dealers of the full range of Kahrs Engineered Wood Flooring. We have a broad range of samples on display at our London Showroom and we supply throughout the UK. We also offer specialist fitting services in London and the surrounding areas. Call us now for expert advice and the best prices, we are always happy to help.

Kahrs Supreme Da Capo Dussato is an extremely rustic 2-strip board with knots and cracks. The boards have been smoked and white oiled which gives the surface a wonderful “aged” appearance. Ideal if you’re looking for something a little different. Kahrs recommend an application of satin oil to be applied immediately after installation on all oiled floors.

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